Rug Pads For Red Carpet Events

redcarpeteventsWhen purchasing rug pads, one probably never wonders at what scale they may be used.Rug pads are required for some extraordinary purposes; like red carpet events. There is a reason why we see the celebrities getting their pictures taken for hours without letting their smiles and postures falter. Similarly there is another reason why photographers feel active for hours and continue snapping pictures without missing a beat. When celebrities have to stand in one place for a long time, they feel fatigued. This severe fatigue and exhaustion is caused by the firmness of the floor. When you stand on the floor for far too long, in a single position, you are likely to feel your muscles cramping later.

This is caused by the pressure you are constantly applying. This pressure and pain can be countered by installing rug pads under the red carpet on Hollywood events. Rug pads have an anti-fatigue quality because of their texture and density. Following are the reasons why they are needed for red carpet events:

Why Rug Pads Are Needed For Red Carpet Events?

1. Non-Slip Surface

nonslipsurfaceRug pads have a non-slip surface. Both sides vary in the arrangement. The side in contact with the floor has elevations and depressions. This forms a suction force, clinging firmly to the floor. The upper surface, the one in contact with the red carpet is heavily textured and coarse. The roughness allows it to grip the carpet firmly. As a result of this bond formed on both sides, the red carpet is kept in place for several hours. So the celebrities do not need to worry about slipping in their exquisite gowns and fancy shoes. They gracefully walk on the carpet and get their pictures taken. They can also flaunt their dresses and shoes without worrying about tripping.

2. To Place Tripods

Photographers have a very exhausting job of filming the entire award ceremonies and movie previews. They have to run around or place their stands to ensure they do not miss any minute of the processions. Rug pads help them securely place the tripod stands of their cameras. The pointed legs of the stand secure a firm place for themselves on the rug pad. This is done very efficiently and it also ensures that the stand will stay in its place even if someone bumps into it.This helps in making the job of photographers a lot easier.

3. Provide A Grip

Red carpets are the place where celebrities flaunt their new designer shoes and dresses. It is also the place where celebrities can trip and fall flat on their faces, embarrassing themselves in front of millions of people. The rug pads provide the grip they need to walk on and flaunt thin pencil heels that are so difficult to walk in otherwise. They can also stand in one position to get their photographs taken without feeling exhausted.

4. Allow Heels To Not Sink In

redcarpetpadsOftentimes, certain events occur on grounds. These grounds are very difficult to walk on, gracefully. They make the heels sink in making it an awful task to take each step. Even after being covered by thick carpets, the heels tend to stick in. The installation of rug pads on such events makes women feel like they are walking on a comparatively solid floor.The heels are kept away from the soft ground, allowing celebrities to walk easily; without pulling at their shoes every now and then.

5. Add Comfort

Lastly and most importantly, rug pads add a whole lot of comfort on the red carpet. These pads have the quality to cushion the surface they are placed on. They help in allowing celebrities to give interviews, get their photographs taken and smile at the cameras without fail.

red carpet padsTherefore, as mentioned above, it can be seen that rug pads have several purposes and uses on different scales. Not only do they help in securing a home and office environment, they come in handy on red carpet events.They are useful products for celebrities whose job demands them to stand in a singular place and smile. It also helps hotels, where long award shows are being held, protect their hardwood floors from scratches of heels. They can maintain their fancy floors while welcoming their guests, just as well.

Rug Pads Have An Anti-Fatigue Quality

Rug pads are very beneficial to a home and office environment. They are a part of the many steps people take to add splendour and an aesthetic appeal to their home environments. Just like rug pads offer the aesthetic appeal in a house set up, they have the very valuable anti-fatigue quality too.

rugpadsWhen individuals have to stand in one place for a long time, they feel fatigued. This is the case when women who spend a day cooking feel exhausted by the end of it. Similarly, men who like cleaning their cars, feel exhausted even if they are dusting away with a cloth. This exhaustion is caused by the hard floor. When you stand on the floor for far too long, in a single position, you are likely to feel your muscles cramping later. This is caused by the pressure you are constantly applying. This pressure and pain can be avoided by installing rug pads in the home. Rug pads have an anti-fatigue quality because of their texture and density. Following are a few situations when you may feel fatigued, along with how rug pads can prevent the fatigue.

Anti-Fatigue In The Kitchen

When women stand in front of the stove for too long, they may feel a certain kind of pressure running up and down their spine and legs. This makes the simple task of making tea, a tiring one. You can simply prevent this unnecessary fatigue, by installing a small sized rug pad where you stand in front of the stove or sink. This way you can easily stand for hours and make a fancy dish without exhausting yourself. These rug pads also help in dissipating force of the weight of your body which might otherwise cause a dent in the floor. The lengthy process of cooking can be done without pain.

Anti-Fatigue In The Garage

garage flooringWhen men take up the task of washing their cars or fixing a flaw in it, they feel very tired after the task. This is because the garage floor is finished with marble which creates a hard surface prone to resisting weight. This resistance thrusts the force back to the body which makes them feel tired with a peculiar ache in their back. Rug pads in garages not only prevent that, they also ensure that your garage floor is not damaged because of the car. The water from washing the car is also managed easily without trouble.

Anti-Fatigue In The Gym

When you go to the gym you will often see that the heavy machinery is placed on thick rug pads. The reason for this is to ensure their weight does not damage the hardwood floor of the gym. More importantly, you are required to exert a lot when in the gym. If you are exhausted then you will find the relieving process of exercising rather tiring. The rug pads add bounce to your walk and help you exercise in a less exhaustive manner. You can easily exert for hours without feeling an awkward pain in your legs or back.

Anti-Fatigue In The Bathroom

bathroomflooringIn today’s time people feel a pain in their back for no absolute reason. This pain can be triggered by a slight exertion as well. This is the cause of various reasons. It is important to ensure your day to day routine is in no way hindered by such mundane activities like standing in the bathroom in front of the sink. With a small area rug, well-padded, you can prevent the problem. The rug pads give you a nice, cushioned, thick and insulated layer to stand on. This way you can do your makeup and spend hours making your hair without feeling tired.

Anti-Fatigue During Yoga

Sometimes you might hear people say they do not need a yoga mat to do yoga; that they can do it on their regular area rug. That is true, but not always convenient. This is because of two reasons:

The rug might be too hard

It will keep slipping

yoga matYou can prevent both these troubles by installing a rug pad. You will not require an expensive yoga mat. You will also not have to keep repositioning yourself. This will help prevent back aches which might prevail if you try doing yoga on hardwood floors. Thus, rug pads have a very essential anti-fatigue quality.

Rug Pads for Radiant Flooring

radiantflooringWhen picking a carpet or rug for a radiant floor, it is important to pick the right material. The carpet needs to be made from a material that preserves warmth and does not get damaged because of heat. Since carpets are insulators already, they retain the warmth by keeping the floor from absorbing it. It avoids loss of heat and makes the entire room more comfortable. On the other hand, heated flooring without a carpet on them is a little more challenging. Since there is nothing on the floor to keep the heat in place, people often place rugs on them for insulation. On an empty floor, the rug often slides around and ruins the flooring, and wastes the heat it is supposed to retain. Sitting or walking on it becomes uncomfortable and the purpose of the heated floor is somewhat annulled.

Methods of keeping the rug in place to give the room the much wanted heat also keep it from slipping about. To keep the rug in place the only thing a person needs is a rug pad. The rug pad itself is an insulator and keeps the rug warm and protected even as it sits on the floor undamaged.

radiant flooringOne of the most important things a person has to keep in mind is what kind of rug pad not to use on the floor. Normally, rug pads are made environmentally safe. They are made from natural and organic elements, safe from adhesives and glues that decrease the life of a rug and pad. However, there are exceptions where rug pads are made from harmful, badly recycled elements and once they meet with the heated floors, they cause more harm than good. The glue melts into the floors.Once heated, the chemicals start to react and fumes rise into the air. It is dangerous for the floors and for the environment. The correct rug pad for heated floors will be safe, insulate the heat and keep the room warm without any sort of damage.


The most important thing one should know about rug pads is that they need to be 100% natural or made from jute. Avoiding rug pads made from nylon, imitation rubber or those that contain PVC will guarantee that the floors and rug stay safe. Rug pads made from these materials will eventually melt into and stick to the floor. They will be impossible to take out and the floor will be wrecked. Buying rug pads that are one hundred percent natural will not let this happen. They will not react negatively to the rug or floor and keep the heat trapped inside.

rug padA good rug pad offers protection, comfort and is completely natural in its composition. The benefits of a rug pad are vast, placing them on a heated floor only adds to the list because they are so safe and sturdy to use.

Non Slip

–The rug pad is best used with rugs to keep them from slipping on the heated floors. Since the floor is heated, it reduces friction so the tendency to slip is escalated. The rug pad will keep the rug in place, not let it slip or slide on the floor and become a slipping hazard.

Protection – with a heated floor, the rug often turns a little vulnerable. It becomes softer because of the heat so when something heavy is put on it, it dents easily. The dip in the rug becomes more pronounced, a little like heat pressing, and it becomes hard to fix. Placing a rug pad under it will not let the pressure penetrate to the floor. It will cushion the rug and the pressure itself, not letting it crush the fibres of the carpet and provide comfort at the same time.

radiantflooringHeat Pressed Pads often rug pads are put together with glue and dangerous adhesives. But the heat pressed rug pads that are safe for all environments are the best for heated floors. They give a soft cushioning and do not let the heat damage them. They are safe and prevent the fibres from shedding and falling off. By ironing the pad together, it will last longer and be safer for heated flooring since it doesn’t have any sort of glue. Rug pads are perfected to use. Using a rug pad for a heated floor keep the rugs safe, keeps the room warm and the user happy. It is a wonderful addition to the home and hearth since it provides the best care and protection.

Rug Pads for Garages

Almost everyone now understands the importance of installing rug pads in their homes. Once they experience the level of comfort rug pads provide, there is no going back to keeping rugs without their paddings. However, there are still several individuals who do not understand the benefits rug pads can provide them if they are installed in garages. During an entire year, the garage is exposed to several things:

1. Sunlight

2. Snow

3. Rain

4. Hail

5. Wind

6. Dust

Rug pads can help individuals reduce all garage damage that might otherwise be too much to manage. These pads serve their functions well during all four seasons. They function by reducing the dread of a frozen garage door. They can also secure your cars by disallowing them from jamming to the floor. Some people like to get hardwood floors even in their garages. Hardwood floors are an expensive instalment and they should be maintained. Rug pads in garages ensure the weight of your car can be countered. This maintains the newness of your floors even in this part of the house. Sometimes, rain water finds its way into the garage. This can make people trip and fall causing severe injuries. Rug pads ensure that this water can be cleaned away easily, without causing an un-fixable damage.

Following are a few kinds of rug pads that can be useful for your garages:

Rug Pads To Offer Protection Against Snow And Rain

Just like in rainy season the water might collect in the garage, winter might lead to jammed garages. These rug pads are for places where snow and rainfall is plentiful enough to be a problem. Rug pads are lined along the garage floors to ensure that in case of a heavy snowfall the door does not jam to the floor. If your door is not lined with such pads, you might be trapped inside your house until the ice melts away. Therefore, rug pads can help you prevent a jammed door in the winter. Similarly this ice can freeze your car’s tires to the floor. Though you can melt it off easily, the ice can also damage the tires demanding to be replaced. Rug pads can help you prevent both hazards. These rugs pads also withhold the pressure easily. Despite a car being parked on top, they endure the weight preventing depressions and unevenness of the garage floor. This allows the garage to be kept clean. It also helps in making it look likean aesthetic and distinct part of the house. Because they have to be placed in an external part of the house, it is important to ensure they are not hazardous to the health and environment. If you purchase natural rug pads for this purpose, no gases or chemicals will be released in the atmosphere.

Rug Pads As Suppression Mats

This type of a rug pad is a smart choice to avoid water and snow damage. They can either be purchased as foot mats outside the door, to line the door and even large enough to hold the vehicle. Their main purpose is to secure cars against water and ice damage; allowing that no matter what the weather, your daily errands experience no hindrance. They are raised from the edges which prevents any water or ice to reach the car. This height also eases the cleaning process. They are generally very thick and can be used for several seasons without damage.

If you do not wish to invest a lot, you can purchase a cheaper but similar quality of rug pads. Unlike the ones mentioned above, they are stronger, firmer and cheaper. The clinging action is caused by the presence of adhesives. If you do not have a hardwood floor, this can be a decent choice. They are very resilient and can resist pressure. They have a similar external appearance with raised edges. This allows them to keep the snow and rain water away from the car and floor. Therefore you can easily protect your garage door, floor and car from all kinds of seasonal damage. Purchasing inexpensive but good quality rug pads can help you ensure the security of your valuables.


Rug Pads For The Basement

basement-flooring-ideas-with-rug-pads-brilliant-ideas-of-floor-decoration-with-rug-pads-8x10-rug-pad-carpet-underlayment-carpet-padding-home-depot-rug-pad-for-hardwood-floors-non-skid-rugTile flooring and hardwood floors have a smooth finish so soft rug pads are often used for them. They do not ask for much other than a non-stick and soft rug pad, so they are easy to shop for. Basement floor rug pads, however, are a totally different case.
Since the basement flooring is rougher and harder than the ones on the mainfloors, a different sort of a rug pad is required for them. Usually, the products manufactured are lighter and easier to hide under rugs. But since the basement is an altogether rougher part of the house, these rug pads are made to be tougher than normal.
They need something that is tear-free, tough and does not slip when stepped on. Because of the hard surface of the basement flooring, the rug pad has to be tougher than the average one to avoid tearing or having it break apart.If the flooring in the basement is tiled, then a simple, easy grip rug pad does the job. It will be a non-slip, thin and good gripping pad.
Difference in Basement Rug Pads:

The main difference between this rug pad and other varieties is that this one has a tough polymer coating to keep it safe. It is rough in texture and the main focus is gripping the hard flooring carpets-02without tearing under the pressure applied.
Since the basement is generally a dank place, the rug pad made for that environment will naturally be mildew and mould resistant. Their fibres will be coated with an Eco-friendly layer of preservatives and the felt used will be tougher than the ordinary ones.
With the waterproof quality, it can even be submerged under water and not lose any part of its durability. Staying under water for a lengthy period of time will not damage the rug pad in any way; it is simply manufactured that way.
Though these rug pads use all natural materials in their making, they do not disintegrate with time. They have proved to be more durable and user friendly than those thathave harmful chemical constituents in them to keep the product lasting longer.
If you wish to use a thicker rug pad for the flooring in the basement, you must know a few details. A thicker rug pad will give a very good cushioning to the rug and flooring so heavy items can be placed on it. If you want a thinner rug pad, it is vital to note that this will have a firmer grip than the former one.
All the Durahold rug pads are made from 100% biological materials and are safe from harmful chemicals. This means that the damp atmosphere will not harm them. They will not be prone to mildew or water damage since they are specifically designed for this atmosphere.
To keep your basement clean and safe for your carpets and rugs, using Durahold rug pads is the wise choice. The variety is vast and products are monitored from start to finish.

Rug Pads for Stairs

stair padsProtecting the surfaces of your stairs is a primary concern, especially if they have hardwood flooring. Their surfaces are such that they are constantly applied pressure to. This causes them to crack or the polish to get damaged over use. People often buy foot long rugs to keep on each step so that the surface is protected but this often leads to the rug covering up the entire surface area in any case. It further increases the damage because of the rough underside of the rug. Tiny scratches that eventually fill up with dust and dirt ruin the face of the stairs.

Keeping a rug on your staircase is a great way to lighten up the home and make it look warmer. But it is also a great risk. If the stairs are made of marble or hardwood, the ultimate hazard is slipping. The grip of a rug, in itself is not safe enough to walk on without it skidding out from under your feet. This causes serious injury to the individual who falls. To keep this hazard to a minimum rug pads are installed under the rugs because they are a crucial part of protection. Rug pads are made for their superior grip, especially on rugs and carpets that are of a lighter size and weight. Since they are so well made, they are safe and have a long life; they can protect the rugs placed on the stairs for a long-lasting period.

Stair RunnersStair runners are often safer than placing individual rugs on each stair, but they are not without their own precaution. Often the runners tend to stretch out and lift off the stairs and lay taut over the stairs. It does not give stability to the foot when it is stepped and this causes falls or tripping hazards for anyone who steps on them.

Features of a rug pads on stairways:


–Keeping the face of the stairs protected from wearing down and getting scratched. It also keeps the rug on top of it safe from having its fibers crushed when it is stepped on. The rug pad can take the pressure of a footstep without losing shape or breaking under it. Children can safely walk on the stairway and elderly people will have no danger of slipping or tripping on the curled edges of an unsafe rug. The rug pad keeps a strong grip on both the floor and the rug.

Noise Reduction–

noise reductionWhen you step on a stair, the noise a shoe makes is sharp and unpleasant to the ears. It emits loudly throughout the house and draws attention every time someone walks up or down the stairs. With a good grip and an insulated surface, the amount of noise that is emitted when someone steps on the rug will be reduced because of the cushioned surface. Since the rug pad will not let the floor take the pressure, a creaky step will not become an unwanted addition in the home.


–Providing protection to the rug and stair, reducing noise is one thing, making sure that the foot is cushioned when the rug is stepped on is another. Often times, stepping on a stair when you are barefoot is unpleasant, especially in cold weather. The rug pad is like a cushion that sits under the rug and it helps in giving warmth to the rug, even though the floor itself is cold. It does not let the cold penetrate the pad and reach the rug so it stays warm for all the midnight snacking needs of anyone sneaking to the kitchen at night.

cushion rugpadsKeeping rug pads under the rugs on staircases will give the owners a choice of walking bare foot, hence extra cleanliness for those who require it is also possible. When a stair is stepped on, the pressure applied by the foot can often cause the rug to slip and the person to take a nasty tumble down the stairs. Avoiding that along with keeping a clean household is now possible. A rug pad maximizes both comfort and appearance. The rug pad is a useful thing to keep in the home. It is safe from all environments and since it is free from adhesives and glues, it can be placed on all sorts of floors without damaging them or the rug.

The rug pad is one of the most underrated products in floor accessories. It lasts for a long time, it provides protection, it is durable and it is soft. Users who buy it can benefit from all sorts of things, like sitting on a softer rug, letting their hardwood floors remain safe under heavy furniture and even have a longer lasting rug. It is innovative and brilliant solution and is one of the best investments any home maker can make.

Are Rug Pads Worth Your Money

What Are Rug Pads?

floor rugpadsRug pads are a dense layer of felt, jute, rubber or wool. This is a product that is known for its remarkable qualities. Rug pads have the tendency to offer your home, office or a commercial set up a lot of comfort. Not only are they important for the overall comfort they provide, they are a remarkable way of protecting oneself from falls by cushioning their blows. They can add splendour to your rugs and most importantly protect your floors.

Why Does One Install Rug Pads?

Rug pads are installed by people for various reasons. These are rooted in beneficial qualities that are not visible to the naked eye. Several individuals take a lot of steps to enhance their overall lifestyle. To do this, they purchase several valuable products. These vary from fancy bed sets, dining tables, sofa sets, coffee tables, tea trollies, chandeliers and other similar items. Just like these appeal to the eye, certain products should be incorporated to feel just as well, to touch. This is why people install rug pads in their homes.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, following are a few more reasons why people install rug pads:

Comfort: as mentioned above, this is the first and foremost reason why people install rug pads in their home.

Protection: rug pads offer various kind of protection: including both physical and materialistic. They ensure your furniture and any other heavy object does not damage your floors and rugs. They also ensure that in case you fall; you do not experience any physical injury. If you have toddlers or elderly living with you, rug pads protect them in case they trip.

Sound reduction: they can help you hide flaws in your house, such as a creek in the floor. Hide flaws at home: instead of replacing an entire hardwood floor because of vivid scratches, dents and depressions, rug pads can help you hide such flaws. Not only that, but rug pads also ensure no further damage comes to the floor.

rugpadsInsulation: rug pads have a very carefully designed weave work of strands. This helps in insulating the floor and keeping a room warm.

Water repellent: hardwood floors experience a lot of damage because of liquid spills. Rug pads can prevent such damage by repelling any spill. They ensure the water does not penetrate down to the floor.

Releases stress: installing rug pads in kitchen areas helps people stand without pain, in a singular position for long.

Non-slip quality: in case of toddlers or elderly at home, rug pads assist in providing a secure traction with the floor. This helps people walk easily without fear of falling or slipping.

Prevent damage: natural rug pads prevent several kinds of damage that normal rug pads do not. They are free from all glues and adhesives which ensures the maintenance of a newly installed wooden floor. They also create a vacuum in which ensures the floor will not decay even if the pad is not removed for a long period of time.

Are They Worth Your Money?

Based on all the qualities mentioned above, it is safe to conclude that yes, rug pads are worth your money. They offer various advantages to your home through protection, insulation and comfort. They cushion the floor overall, and dampen any sound that is being produced. In the winters they absorb the cold from the floor and ensure your feet are kept warm.

rugpaddingIt is best to purchase rug pads that are made of good quality and come with a guarantee. These rug pads will last longer and ensure that your rugs and hardwood floors last just as long. These are commonly a onetime investment for a significant period of time. So if you opt for a rug pad that is cheaper and of poorer quality, it may not be worth the money. An expensive and superior quality rug pad will be. To make a rug pad worth your money do not shy away from the initial investment. This will only save you from future troubles like floor decay, loosening of the strands of the rug and similar un-fixable problems.