Main Benefits Of Purchasing Rug Pads

rug padPeople take several steps to add splendour and an aesthetic appeal to their homes. These steps are usually for the physical appeal of the house. People get the best furniture, fancy decoration pieces and exquisite chandeliers; all to ensure that whoever visits them feels welcome and right at home. These physical aspects of a house are truly significant. However, sometimes you are required to take certain steps that might not appeal the eye or even be visible but add a great of comfort. For example, when purchasing a fancy and expensive Persian carpet, your intention is to make your house look wholesome. By purchasing rug pads for such carpets, you can make your house feel wholesome, as well.

Therefore, there are many elements worth consideration that will not serve just a visual purpose. People carefully consider how many watts a bulb should be, knowing that it will simply provide light through a chandelier. The bulb is important to complete the look of a chandelier. In a similar way, rug pads complete the look and feel of expensive area rugs and carpets. They also serve many other purposes.

Following are five of the main benefits of installing rug pads in your home:

Noise Reduction

floor padsThe presence of a lot of people in a house can lead to severe wear and tear of a hardwood floor. This extensive use of hardwood floors can cause them to squeak without any apparent flaw. These squeaks might make your guests feel odd and your house out of shape. Installing rug pads in lobby’s or effected areas will help you suppress such noise. This way, a simple flaw in your floor will be dealt with without needing a big budget.

Provides Comfort

This is perhaps the biggest benefit rug pads can offer. They are dense in ounces and thick in inches. This internal and external arrangement allows them to add a very comfortable cushion like layer above the solid hardwood floor. The cushioning quality allows you, your family and your guests to feel soft and subtle warmth every time they step on the padded floor. Some rug pads also provide as an insulating layer, keeping you warm and cozy in the winters. Rug pads are known to provide comfort without fail.

Non-Slip Quality

rug pad floorThis is another important benefit rug pads have. The arrangement of the strands in their composition is engineered with a lot of care. Because of this they have different textures on both sides. The side in contact with the floor has several elevations and depressions. These form suction cups and cling to the floor in a damage free manner. The side in contact with the rug is textured and coarse. The rough protruding strands intertwine with the rug. A solid link is, therefore, formed between the two. As a result of this strong bond, the rug pads provide a non-slip quality ensuring that whatever activity you may carry, you will not trip.

Easy Cleaning

Rug pads have a very complex internal arrangement. This helps them in creating spaces big enough to allow cleaning. This presence of hollow spaces allows you to clean the pad, floor and rug thoroughly, even with a vacuum cleaner. Spaces in a rug pad also allow enough air to pass over the floor preventing it from decay and decomposition. More so, because they are made of materials like jute, felt and rubber, they are resistant to liquid spills. This is why; it is easy to clean any liquid spill simply with a dry towel. An added benefit to this is that they prevent liquid penetration to the floor; which ensures its protection as well.

Make Rugs Last Longer

hardwood floorsLastly, they make your floor and your rugs last a lot longer. Rugs and hardwood floors are constantly exposed to shoes and dirt. This can make the rug lose its color and the elaboration that goes in its making. Rug pads ensure that no such thing happens. Because dry and wet damage can be prevented, your rug and hardwood floors are maintained for a long period of time. Therefore, if you have been worried about whether or not a rug pad is beneficial for you, above reasons will answer your questions.

Rug Pads for Radiant Flooring

radiantflooringWhen picking a carpet or rug for a radiant floor, it is important to pick the right material. The carpet needs to be made from a material that preserves warmth and does not get damaged because of heat. Since carpets are insulators already, they retain the warmth by keeping the floor from absorbing it. It avoids loss of heat and makes the entire room more comfortable. On the other hand, heated flooring without a carpet on them is a little more challenging. Since there is nothing on the floor to keep the heat in place, people often place rugs on them for insulation. On an empty floor, the rug often slides around and ruins the flooring, and wastes the heat it is supposed to retain. Sitting or walking on it becomes uncomfortable and the purpose of the heated floor is somewhat annulled.

Methods of keeping the rug in place to give the room the much wanted heat also keep it from slipping about. To keep the rug in place the only thing a person needs is a rug pad. The rug pad itself is an insulator and keeps the rug warm and protected even as it sits on the floor undamaged.

radiant flooringOne of the most important things a person has to keep in mind is what kind of rug pad not to use on the floor. Normally, rug pads are made environmentally safe. They are made from natural and organic elements, safe from adhesives and glues that decrease the life of a rug and pad. However, there are exceptions where rug pads are made from harmful, badly recycled elements and once they meet with the heated floors, they cause more harm than good. The glue melts into the floors.Once heated, the chemicals start to react and fumes rise into the air. It is dangerous for the floors and for the environment. The correct rug pad for heated floors will be safe, insulate the heat and keep the room warm without any sort of damage.


The most important thing one should know about rug pads is that they need to be 100% natural or made from jute. Avoiding rug pads made from nylon, imitation rubber or those that contain PVC will guarantee that the floors and rug stay safe. Rug pads made from these materials will eventually melt into and stick to the floor. They will be impossible to take out and the floor will be wrecked. Buying rug pads that are one hundred percent natural will not let this happen. They will not react negatively to the rug or floor and keep the heat trapped inside.

rug padA good rug pad offers protection, comfort and is completely natural in its composition. The benefits of a rug pad are vast, placing them on a heated floor only adds to the list because they are so safe and sturdy to use.

Non Slip

–The rug pad is best used with rugs to keep them from slipping on the heated floors. Since the floor is heated, it reduces friction so the tendency to slip is escalated. The rug pad will keep the rug in place, not let it slip or slide on the floor and become a slipping hazard.

Protection – with a heated floor, the rug often turns a little vulnerable. It becomes softer because of the heat so when something heavy is put on it, it dents easily. The dip in the rug becomes more pronounced, a little like heat pressing, and it becomes hard to fix. Placing a rug pad under it will not let the pressure penetrate to the floor. It will cushion the rug and the pressure itself, not letting it crush the fibres of the carpet and provide comfort at the same time.

radiantflooringHeat Pressed Pads often rug pads are put together with glue and dangerous adhesives. But the heat pressed rug pads that are safe for all environments are the best for heated floors. They give a soft cushioning and do not let the heat damage them. They are safe and prevent the fibres from shedding and falling off. By ironing the pad together, it will last longer and be safer for heated flooring since it doesn’t have any sort of glue. Rug pads are perfected to use. Using a rug pad for a heated floor keep the rugs safe, keeps the room warm and the user happy. It is a wonderful addition to the home and hearth since it provides the best care and protection.

Rug Pads For Red Carpet Events

redcarpeteventsWhen purchasing rug pads, one probably never wonders at what scale they may be used.Rug pads are required for some extraordinary purposes; like red carpet events. There is a reason why we see the celebrities getting their pictures taken for hours without letting their smiles and postures falter. Similarly there is another reason why photographers feel active for hours and continue snapping pictures without missing a beat. When celebrities have to stand in one place for a long time, they feel fatigued. This severe fatigue and exhaustion is caused by the firmness of the floor. When you stand on the floor for far too long, in a single position, you are likely to feel your muscles cramping later.

This is caused by the pressure you are constantly applying. This pressure and pain can be countered by installing rug pads under the red carpet on Hollywood events. Rug pads have an anti-fatigue quality because of their texture and density. Following are the reasons why they are needed for red carpet events:

Why Rug Pads Are Needed For Red Carpet Events?

1. Non-Slip Surface

nonslipsurfaceRug pads have a non-slip surface. Both sides vary in the arrangement. The side in contact with the floor has elevations and depressions. This forms a suction force, clinging firmly to the floor. The upper surface, the one in contact with the red carpet is heavily textured and coarse. The roughness allows it to grip the carpet firmly. As a result of this bond formed on both sides, the red carpet is kept in place for several hours. So the celebrities do not need to worry about slipping in their exquisite gowns and fancy shoes. They gracefully walk on the carpet and get their pictures taken. They can also flaunt their dresses and shoes without worrying about tripping.

2. To Place Tripods

Photographers have a very exhausting job of filming the entire award ceremonies and movie previews. They have to run around or place their stands to ensure they do not miss any minute of the processions. Rug pads help them securely place the tripod stands of their cameras. The pointed legs of the stand secure a firm place for themselves on the rug pad. This is done very efficiently and it also ensures that the stand will stay in its place even if someone bumps into it.This helps in making the job of photographers a lot easier.

3. Provide A Grip

Red carpets are the place where celebrities flaunt their new designer shoes and dresses. It is also the place where celebrities can trip and fall flat on their faces, embarrassing themselves in front of millions of people. The rug pads provide the grip they need to walk on and flaunt thin pencil heels that are so difficult to walk in otherwise. They can also stand in one position to get their photographs taken without feeling exhausted.

4. Allow Heels To Not Sink In

redcarpetpadsOftentimes, certain events occur on grounds. These grounds are very difficult to walk on, gracefully. They make the heels sink in making it an awful task to take each step. Even after being covered by thick carpets, the heels tend to stick in. The installation of rug pads on such events makes women feel like they are walking on a comparatively solid floor.The heels are kept away from the soft ground, allowing celebrities to walk easily; without pulling at their shoes every now and then.

5. Add Comfort

Lastly and most importantly, rug pads add a whole lot of comfort on the red carpet. These pads have the quality to cushion the surface they are placed on. They help in allowing celebrities to give interviews, get their photographs taken and smile at the cameras without fail.

red carpet padsTherefore, as mentioned above, it can be seen that rug pads have several purposes and uses on different scales. Not only do they help in securing a home and office environment, they come in handy on red carpet events.They are useful products for celebrities whose job demands them to stand in a singular place and smile. It also helps hotels, where long award shows are being held, protect their hardwood floors from scratches of heels. They can maintain their fancy floors while welcoming their guests, just as well.

Why wool rug pads are a good choice

81GOnja9R0L._SX425_In the world of carpetry, wool is usually considered one of the premium materials. This very fine animal hair is completely natural and the long and sometimes tedious process of acquiring it lends credibility to the increased price of woolen products. Yet it’s not only the woolen carpets themselves that offer a premium and sometimes luxurious choice in carpeting. Rug pads, a type of protective padding for the carpet, can also manufactured using wool. Out of the many different materials used for rug pads, none come off as natural and eco-friendly as the wool rug pads. Materials such as bonded urethane foam, essentially scrapped pieces of various foam leftovers, are such a synthetic mess that they can sometimes stain your carpet. It can almost feel like staring at a pile of toxic waste and seeing it move. This can never happen with natural wool rug pads. If you were ever to, for some reason, throw away a wool rug pad, you could do so with a clear conscience knowing that it is fully biodegradable. Other materials used often used for rug pads, like rubber or foam, can only cause pollution when discarded as there is no way for nature to break them down. On top of all those horrible chemicals housed within a synthetic rug pad, another one needs to be added in the form of a flame retardant applied to them so they don’t catch fire. Because of wool’s natural resistance to ignition, wool rug pads don’t need this chemical, which is another feather in nature’s cap. Would you want your children to sit on a thin layer of carpetry with a pressure cooker of different chemicals that is the synthetic rug pad underneath them, potentially threatening their health? newwool14__37782.1414142833.200.200

With wool rug pads, you know you aren’t risking the well-being of anyone who comes in too close of a contact with the rug, something that can’t be said for all those synthetic pads leaking various chemicals into the carpet. The wool in rug pads is often free of any additives and similar chemicals because the people manufacturing them know anyone buying a wool rug pad will likely be more environmentally aware than others. And indeed, what option for rug padding could be more environmentally friendly than wool? Anyone who has had the pleasure of trying out a wool carpet can attest that no other material compares in terms of comfort and cushioning, so why wouldn’t you want to add to that with a rug pad that is also made of wool? Even if you aren’t fortunate enough to own a wool carpet, or simply chose a different material, you can still experience the coziness of wool by picking a wool rug pad – not only will it improve the comfort of the rug more than any other pad likely can, you will also rest in knowing that you got the very best type of rug pad money can buy, one that will never risk ruining your carpet nor potentially provide a health hazard.

Rug Pads For The Basement

basement-flooring-ideas-with-rug-pads-brilliant-ideas-of-floor-decoration-with-rug-pads-8x10-rug-pad-carpet-underlayment-carpet-padding-home-depot-rug-pad-for-hardwood-floors-non-skid-rugTile flooring and hardwood floors have a smooth finish so soft rug pads are often used for them. They do not ask for much other than a non-stick and soft rug pad, so they are easy to shop for. Basement floor rug pads, however, are a totally different case.
Since the basement flooring is rougher and harder than the ones on the mainfloors, a different sort of a rug pad is required for them. Usually, the products manufactured are lighter and easier to hide under rugs. But since the basement is an altogether rougher part of the house, these rug pads are made to be tougher than normal.
They need something that is tear-free, tough and does not slip when stepped on. Because of the hard surface of the basement flooring, the rug pad has to be tougher than the average one to avoid tearing or having it break apart.If the flooring in the basement is tiled, then a simple, easy grip rug pad does the job. It will be a non-slip, thin and good gripping pad.
Difference in Basement Rug Pads:

The main difference between this rug pad and other varieties is that this one has a tough polymer coating to keep it safe. It is rough in texture and the main focus is gripping the hard flooring carpets-02without tearing under the pressure applied.
Since the basement is generally a dank place, the rug pad made for that environment will naturally be mildew and mould resistant. Their fibres will be coated with an Eco-friendly layer of preservatives and the felt used will be tougher than the ordinary ones.
With the waterproof quality, it can even be submerged under water and not lose any part of its durability. Staying under water for a lengthy period of time will not damage the rug pad in any way; it is simply manufactured that way.
Though these rug pads use all natural materials in their making, they do not disintegrate with time. They have proved to be more durable and user friendly than those thathave harmful chemical constituents in them to keep the product lasting longer.
If you wish to use a thicker rug pad for the flooring in the basement, you must know a few details. A thicker rug pad will give a very good cushioning to the rug and flooring so heavy items can be placed on it. If you want a thinner rug pad, it is vital to note that this will have a firmer grip than the former one.
All the Durahold rug pads are made from 100% biological materials and are safe from harmful chemicals. This means that the damp atmosphere will not harm them. They will not be prone to mildew or water damage since they are specifically designed for this atmosphere.
To keep your basement clean and safe for your carpets and rugs, using Durahold rug pads is the wise choice. The variety is vast and products are monitored from start to finish.

Are Rug Pads Worth Your Money

What Are Rug Pads?

floor rugpadsRug pads are a dense layer of felt, jute, rubber or wool. This is a product that is known for its remarkable qualities. Rug pads have the tendency to offer your home, office or a commercial set up a lot of comfort. Not only are they important for the overall comfort they provide, they are a remarkable way of protecting oneself from falls by cushioning their blows. They can add splendour to your rugs and most importantly protect your floors.

Why Does One Install Rug Pads?

Rug pads are installed by people for various reasons. These are rooted in beneficial qualities that are not visible to the naked eye. Several individuals take a lot of steps to enhance their overall lifestyle. To do this, they purchase several valuable products. These vary from fancy bed sets, dining tables, sofa sets, coffee tables, tea trollies, chandeliers and other similar items. Just like these appeal to the eye, certain products should be incorporated to feel just as well, to touch. This is why people install rug pads in their homes.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, following are a few more reasons why people install rug pads:

Comfort: as mentioned above, this is the first and foremost reason why people install rug pads in their home.

Protection: rug pads offer various kind of protection: including both physical and materialistic. They ensure your furniture and any other heavy object does not damage your floors and rugs. They also ensure that in case you fall; you do not experience any physical injury. If you have toddlers or elderly living with you, rug pads protect them in case they trip.

Sound reduction: they can help you hide flaws in your house, such as a creek in the floor. Hide flaws at home: instead of replacing an entire hardwood floor because of vivid scratches, dents and depressions, rug pads can help you hide such flaws. Not only that, but rug pads also ensure no further damage comes to the floor.

rugpadsInsulation: rug pads have a very carefully designed weave work of strands. This helps in insulating the floor and keeping a room warm.

Water repellent: hardwood floors experience a lot of damage because of liquid spills. Rug pads can prevent such damage by repelling any spill. They ensure the water does not penetrate down to the floor.

Releases stress: installing rug pads in kitchen areas helps people stand without pain, in a singular position for long.

Non-slip quality: in case of toddlers or elderly at home, rug pads assist in providing a secure traction with the floor. This helps people walk easily without fear of falling or slipping.

Prevent damage: natural rug pads prevent several kinds of damage that normal rug pads do not. They are free from all glues and adhesives which ensures the maintenance of a newly installed wooden floor. They also create a vacuum in which ensures the floor will not decay even if the pad is not removed for a long period of time.

Are They Worth Your Money?

Based on all the qualities mentioned above, it is safe to conclude that yes, rug pads are worth your money. They offer various advantages to your home through protection, insulation and comfort. They cushion the floor overall, and dampen any sound that is being produced. In the winters they absorb the cold from the floor and ensure your feet are kept warm.

rugpaddingIt is best to purchase rug pads that are made of good quality and come with a guarantee. These rug pads will last longer and ensure that your rugs and hardwood floors last just as long. These are commonly a onetime investment for a significant period of time. So if you opt for a rug pad that is cheaper and of poorer quality, it may not be worth the money. An expensive and superior quality rug pad will be. To make a rug pad worth your money do not shy away from the initial investment. This will only save you from future troubles like floor decay, loosening of the strands of the rug and similar un-fixable problems.

Rug Pad Protecting Harwood Floors

hardwood flooringSelecting good quality rug pads to place underneath the rug will benefit both the floors and rugs of a house. If a longer lasting protection system for the flooring rather than a quick fix for the rug is required, then it would be wise to invest a certain amount of money on a rug pad. There are a number of rug pads that are available in the market. 100% felt, natural rubber, re-bonded urethane, vinyl coated rubber or natural rubber are all examples of rug pads that are available for people to use. Their qualities are different yet all of them provide some common basic functions. However, that being said, it would be wise to get a tested rug pad that will not stain the floors or leave marks on it.

Rug Pads That Won’t Stain the Floor:

Determining which rug pad will leave marks on the floor and which will not, is essential. Some rug pads are inferior to others and often end up damaging the flooring.

Natural Rubber Rug Pad

rug pad–A natural rubber rug pad is perfect for all types of flooring. It is used for wooden floors, marble, tile, heated and concrete floors. It will not give under hot and humid environments, moisture prone areas, damp environments and polyurethane finishes, laminate floors as well as hardwood floors. Natural rubber is harvested from rubber trees so they are free from petrol and other harmful chemicals. Their grip is superb and since they are soft, water and heat proof material, they do not wear down easily.

Felt and Rubber Rug Pads

Felt and rubber rug pads often come in various measurements of thickness. They offer a good grip to keep the rug from slipping and soft cushioning for anyone who is stepping on the rug. For hardwood floors, they are perfect because they do not release any sort of glue or adhesive since they are heat pressed together rather than glued. This means it keeps the rug and the floor safe from staining or sticking to it because the danger of glue leaking is nonexistent.

Eco – Friendly Rug Pads

ecofriendly pads–These days, consumers prefer eco-friendly products. They buy rugs and carpets that are healthier and made from synthetic materials that last longer than other kinds. Rug pad manufacturers offer pads made from natural soy-bean oil and other environmentally friendly materials that replace petrol treated and chemically treated rug pads. Some environmentally friendly rug pads contain plant oil, safe and gentle for floors. However, their grip is a little mediocre and is often used for lighter carpets. Placing them on a hardwood floor will ensure that the rug will not slip and that no staining will occur. Rug pads will take on the colour of the rug should the dye used ever leaks, so buying it is a smart choice.

What do they protect Hardwood floors from?

Many ask the question of what exactly hardwood floors need protection from. Basically, rug pads are famed for keeping the rug from slipping and cushioning it. These do not seem important enough to buy a rug pad. Later on, though, many people change their minds when they see the damage an unprotected rug and floor receive.

Water Damage

–Rug pads can protect rugs from water damage. Of course, extensive flooding is something that damages everything and a rug pad can only do so much against it, but a spill or leak can be fought against by a rug pad. The rug pad is at least two inches smaller than the rug itself. This gives it optimum grip but it also keeps spilled water from staining the middle of the carpet. The rug pad absorbs the water and keeps it from touching the rug, making sure most of it is safe.

Abrasion Damage

–rugpads Without a rug pad the rug will constantly be moving. Even if no one slips on it, every time the rug is nudged, it moves a little. It can bunch up and wrinkle when someone does slip on it and then be pulled back into place. For something as fragile as a hardwood floor, this damages the face of the rug badly. It leaves scratches and marks on it, that are only visible when dust gets collected in them or when the rug is removed. Keeping a rug pad on hardwood flooring will ensure that the floor and rug remain safe and protected as the years pass.