Customizable Rug Padding

eco-solid1optimized_2If you have been looking for rug pads for your hardwood floor, then it is certain that you may have certain requirements. If you feel any other regular rug padding is not enough for you, then you should get a customized rug pad. A lot of people end up compromising on one thing or another because they are often unaware of this possibility. If you get customized rug padding, then you are not required to compromise over any of the following:
1.    Noise reduction
2.    Comfort
3.    Thickness
4.    Size
5.    And in some case, price

If your priority is to get a noise reduction rug pad and you feel you are not getting it in the thickness or in the size you want it in, then you need not buy it. You can simply get it made for yourself according to your specific requirements.
Noise Reduction
Single rug padsmay offer amazing comfort, yet may not fulfil your need of reducing the noise. These rug pads are made out of materials that ensure no noise is made when you are walking on it.These can help you suppress the creaking and clicking noises that are produced when you walk.
Hides The Flaws On Your Floors: Thickness
If you want rug pads to hide away a patch or dent in your hardwood or tiled floor you can get the thickest variety available. This can be as thick or thin as you need it to be depending if a wall to wall carpet needs cushioning or simply a decorative rug or mat. These rugpadscaneffectivelydecrease the squeaking sounds from your floorsby forming an even layer over indentations on the floor.
In case of the elderly and toddlers in your house; you can ensure that their rooms are padded with thicker rug pads than in other areas of the house. This way you can feel completely sure about their safety and your own. The thicker the rug will be, the firmer its grip with the floor. This way you can even let your children play in the house, knowing they won’t slip and get injured.
The Size Of Choice
When getting rug pads in your desired size you have to indicate the exact dimensions you want it to be. Getting a desired thickness is also an option. It is also preferable to  purchase the rug pad with the area rug itself. The reason for this is the required padding is measured up to the dimensions of the purchased rug, there and then. The pad is then exactly in the same size as the rug and never too big or too small.

There may be chances of the price being high if you want all the above characteristics in one product.However, if you have different concerns for different rooms and places in your house, an all in one rug pad is not just a feasible option but a safer one.
So if you can’t find a pad that fits your needs; don’t worry, just get one custom made.


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