Why wool rug pads are a good choice

81GOnja9R0L._SX425_In the world of carpetry, wool is usually considered one of the premium materials. This very fine animal hair is completely natural and the long and sometimes tedious process of acquiring it lends credibility to the increased price of woolen products. Yet it’s not only the woolen carpets themselves that offer a premium and sometimes luxurious choice in carpeting. Rug pads, a type of protective padding for the carpet, can also manufactured using wool. Out of the many different materials used for rug pads, none come off as natural and eco-friendly as the wool rug pads. Materials such as bonded urethane foam, essentially scrapped pieces of various foam leftovers, are such a synthetic mess that they can sometimes stain your carpet. It can almost feel like staring at a pile of toxic waste and seeing it move. This can never happen with natural wool rug pads. If you were ever to, for some reason, throw away a wool rug pad, you could do so with a clear conscience knowing that it is fully biodegradable. Other materials used often used for rug pads, like rubber or foam, can only cause pollution when discarded as there is no way for nature to break them down. On top of all those horrible chemicals housed within a synthetic rug pad, another one needs to be added in the form of a flame retardant applied to them so they don’t catch fire. Because of wool’s natural resistance to ignition, wool rug pads don’t need this chemical, which is another feather in nature’s cap. Would you want your children to sit on a thin layer of carpetry with a pressure cooker of different chemicals that is the synthetic rug pad underneath them, potentially threatening their health? newwool14__37782.1414142833.200.200

With wool rug pads, you know you aren’t risking the well-being of anyone who comes in too close of a contact with the rug, something that can’t be said for all those synthetic pads leaking various chemicals into the carpet. The wool in rug pads is often free of any additives and similar chemicals because the people manufacturing them know anyone buying a wool rug pad will likely be more environmentally aware than others. And indeed, what option for rug padding could be more environmentally friendly than wool? Anyone who has had the pleasure of trying out a wool carpet can attest that no other material compares in terms of comfort and cushioning, so why wouldn’t you want to add to that with a rug pad that is also made of wool? Even if you aren’t fortunate enough to own a wool carpet, or simply chose a different material, you can still experience the coziness of wool by picking a wool rug pad – not only will it improve the comfort of the rug more than any other pad likely can, you will also rest in knowing that you got the very best type of rug pad money can buy, one that will never risk ruining your carpet nor potentially provide a health hazard.


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